Main Exhibits
  • Spruill Gallery

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    Sep - Oct 2019

    Participation in Instagram exhibit.

  • Memorial Getulio Vargas

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Jul - Sep 2018

    Fine Art exhibit in public Cultural Space in partnership with the City of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Club Paulistano

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Aug - Sep 2017

    Fine Art exhibit.

  • Espaco Kreatori

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Sep 2016

    Private Art & Event Gallery.

  • Galeria Scenarium

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Apr 2016

    Private Event.


Marcia Ribeiro

Cultural Producer


"Marcia has been an invaluable partner and key to the success of my exhibits and promoting SDWLK ART to galleries and Curators. She has great insights that inspire to always keep looking ahead!"

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