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It's amazing how many cool images around us are awaiting to be noticed!

I always keep an eye on my surroundings wherever I am, ready to click my next piece of Art.

I also keep a record of where and when the picture was taken, and add a "making of" picture.

Searching for new stunning images is fun, but there is one sacrosanct rule: don't touch, as all images are unstaged!


Click on the link inside the images to see the original location of the image on Google Maps!

My images have been clicked while traveling in the following cities:


Amsterdam, Atlanta, Barcelona, Boston, Buenos Aires, Búzios, Helsinki, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Petra (Jordan), Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, San Francisco, Santiago, Tel Aviv

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Jussi Koria - Artist BIO

Born Feb 15th 1968 in Imatra, Finland, 

A citizen of the world, has lived in Finland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Brazil and currently resides in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Engineer by education, inherited his keen eye and creativity from his parents. Ever since a young age, curiosity was always a fellow friend, which led him to take on the artistic challenge later in life.

In 2015 Jussi started noticing and taking pictures of intriguing images on the streets, and in a moment of insight started giving them creative titles. Once he started publishing them on Facebook and Instagram, he immediately garnered many followers that loved the creative twist he gave to the images.

Various exhibitions followed in Brazil and with his recent move to the USA, he is looking to share his cool art with the new public.


Hello and welcome to the World of the Unseen!


Walking around in my residential area I started noticing that the different splotches, leaves, twigs, stones and all sorts of man-made rubbish laying on the ground created familiar figures. Some looked like animals, others looked like famous persons, and some just triggered abstract connections to ideas and other stuff.

Then one day in 2015 I started taking photos with my camera and publishing them on Instagram and Facebook. Feedback was tremendous, with people saying they waited eagerly for new pictures to be published.

I was so happy that people enjoyed my unique form of art that I knew I had to continue...

The essence of my art is that none of the images have been staged, modified or altered in any way! They are the true expression of Mother Nature's own hand with a pinch of chaos.

Today I have hundreds of named images from all around the World: Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Boston, Miami, Helsinki, Barcelona - just to name a few cities. I even have a couple of freezing pictures from above the Arctic Circle in Lapland!

And with my constant travels I have the good luck of encountering lots of interesting images to click, so come back once in a while to enjoy my frequent updates.

Hope you enjoy my art and let me know if you find some cool images yourself!



Jussi Koria

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