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Jussi Koria - Artist BIO

Jussi Koria was born on February 15th, 1968, in Imatra, Finland. A true citizen of the world, he has experienced life across various continents, residing in Finland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Brazil, and currently making his home in vibrant Atlanta, GA, USA.


Jussi's creative vision and keen eye were evident from an early age, influenced by the artistic flair inherited from his parents. Throughout his life, a constant companion has been curiosity, which eventually beckoned him to embrace the world of art later in life.

In 2015, Jussi's artistic journey took an intriguing turn when he began noticing and capturing captivating images found on the streets. In a moment of insight, he began giving each photograph a creative title, infusing the scenes with newfound depth and meaning. Sharing his transformed works on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Jussi quickly amassed a dedicated following of art enthusiasts who were captivated by the imaginative twist he brought to everyday scenes.

The enthusiastic response to his artistry propelled Jussi to new heights, leading to successful exhibitions in both Brazil and the USA. Now, with great excitement, he seeks to share his mesmerizing art with art enthusiasts around the globe, inviting them to join him on an enchanting visual exploration of the unseen wonders that surround us.


Hello and welcome to the Art of Seeing the Unseen!


SDWLK ART is not your ordinary street photography; it is an exploration of the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. Jussi possesses an innate talent for spotting the extraordinary in everyday street scenes, illuminating the beauty of overlooked details that often go unnoticed. Each photograph in the collection encapsulates a story, a perspective, and a creative title that resonates with the essence of the image, inviting viewers to engage with the art on a profound level. Moreover, to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the captured moments, it's essential to note that all images are not staged nor altered in any way, presenting a raw and genuine portrayal of the world as Jussi encountered it..

A Global Lens

Through Jussi's lens, SDWLK ART has ventured across borders, capturing moments of wonder and serendipity in more than 10 countries and 20 cities. From the bustling streets of cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona and San Francisco to the hidden quaint alleys of cities like Buenos Aires, each location offers a unique tapestry of sights and stories. The collection presents a kaleidoscope of images, colors and emotions that transcends geographical boundaries. With the inclusion of precise coordinates, viewers have the opportunity to virtually travel alongside Jussi, exploring the exact spots where these extraordinary images were immortalized

Join the Journey

We invite you to embark on a visual odyssey through the streets of the world with SDWLK ART. Immerse yourself in a universe of undiscovered beauty and fleeting moments. Whether you are a seasoned collector, an art enthusiast, or someone seeking to connect with extraordinary perspectives, SDWLK ART promises to be an enthralling experience like no other.


Jussi Koria

"I was so happy people enjoyed my art that I felt compelled to continue my quest for inspiring and extraordinary images on our streets"

It's amazing how much beauty there is hidden in plain sight!

I always keep an eye on my surroundings wherever I am, ready to click my next piece of Art.

I also keep a record of where and when the picture was taken, and add a "making of" picture.

Searching for new stunning images is fun, but there is one sacrosanct rule: don't touch, as all images are unstaged!


Click on the link inside the images to see the original location of the image on Google Maps!

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