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The Art of Seeing the Unseen
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Jussi Koria

Welcome to the "Art of Seeing the Unseen"

For me, streets and urban spaces are like open air art galleries - full of stunning and beautiful images. However, these images mostly go unnoticed by the people walking by, but they do not escape my keen eye. I am always on the lookout for intriguing images to photograph - an exploration of the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.

Each photograph in the collection encapsulates a story, a perspective, and a creative title that resonates with the essence of the image, inviting viewers to engage with the art on a profound level. Moreover, to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the captured moments, it's essential to note that all images are not staged nor altered in any way, presenting a raw and genuine portrayal of the world as I encountered it.

My collection has images from over 10 countries and 20 cities, from the bustling streets of cosmopolitan cities to the hidden alleys of quaint towns. I include the coordinates of where the picture was taken so you can explore the exact spot where the original image was immortalized.
I invite you to embark with me on a visual journey and find your own images to share! Just pay attention to your surroundings and they will start appearing!

Keep looking! 
Jussi Koria

Photos with a Story, a Perspective, with an Essence to resonate with your Spaces

SDWLK ART is all about
Exploring the Extraordinary in the Seemingly Ordinary

San Francisco, Barcelona, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Helsinki... Each photo comes with details of where the original image was found and when the photo was taken

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