The Beauty and the Beast

A Bela e a Fera

SDWLK ART ("Sidewalk Art") is a collection of

Cool, Creative, Unique & Unstaged photos taken by Jussi Koria of objects, stuff and nature that lay on our every day sidewalk, interpreted with a lot of creativity.

O SDWLK ART (Sidewalk Art) é uma coleção de fotos

Inusitadas & Criativas, Únicas & Intocadas

tiradas por Jussi Koria de imagens compostas de objetos e natureza na rua.

Fine Art Certified Photographs - Exhibits and for Sale

Fotografias certificadas Fine Art - exposições e venda

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Fine Art Masterpieces
Missing Link - Elo Perdido
Video Game
Beauty and Beast - Bela e Fera
Master and Slave - Mestre e Escravo
Brilliant Mind - Mente Brilhante
Yin Yang
Immortal Soul - Alma Imortal
Acrobats - Acróbatas
The Face - O Rosto
More / Mais

Making Of

The true art of SDWLK ART is to capture every day scenes,

and with a creative twist, transform them into stunning images!

Making Of Magma IMG_1040.jpg
Sdwlk Magma Orig IMG_1036 copy.JPG

Corrosion on a street lamppost becomes 'Magma'

Making Of Video Game IMG_4398.JPG

A renovated parking area transformed into a café patio becomes 'Video Game​'

Infographic - Infográfico

Each SDWLK ART image has a "Certificate of Origin", with the date & time when the picture was taken and the original location with GPS coordinates. - Isn't it cool that you can see for yourself some of the permanent images by visiting where they are? 

Cada imagem do SDWLK ART tem um certificado com a data e hora de quando a foto foi tirada e a localização da imagem original com coordenadas GPS.

Keep  Looking!


We sell both Fine Art Limited Editions and Professional Reprints.
Vendemos fotografias FINE ART certificadas de edição limitada e Pôsters.

Photographs taken in:  Fotografias tiradas em: 

Amsterdam - Atlanta - Barcelona - Boston - Buenos Aires - Helsinki - Miami - München - São Paulo

San Francisco -Santiago - Tel Aviv - Petra (Jordan) - Rio de Janeiro


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